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  • Using the Python 'click' library's parser as a simple function

    Using 'click' as more than just a command line entry point

  • Fall Photography in New England

    The final days and weeks of fall in New England bring joy and beauty, with an earthy, rain-misted burst of yellows and reds.

  • QR Codes - Useful, but here's why "free" may sacrifice privacy

    How easy is it to make your own QR Code?

    Will your QR Code be "clean" and send the user directly to your website, or will your QR code first send the user to a "redirection" website?

  • Portable File Storage and Backups: 5TB for ~$120

    Avoid losing your data or getting locked out of your data from a cloud provider.

    Consider saving a copy of your files on local, USB connected storage. If you need to save more than 1-2 TB of data, you might try the Seagate Backup Plus Portable Storage - 5TB STHP5000402. It's compact and works well.

  • Excellence in New Business Cards

    Why not get some new business cards? You'll become more excited to meet new people when you have a great new business card to hand out.
  • Python 3.10: new dataclass features

    Dataclasses is a feature of the Python programming language which I designed and implemented in Python 3.7. It allows you to easily add a number of useful features to any Python class that you write.
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones - 80 Ohm

    Enjoying the crystal clear audio quality from the German made DT 770 requires a bit of preparation.

    You will be well rewarded for your effort.

    This is a studio quality set of classic headphones, Made in Germany.

  • Dell Vostro 7500 Laptop

    The Dell Vostro 7500 is a pleasant surprise - easily the best Dell Laptop I've ever used.

    Tell others that this is the best Dell laptop you've ever used, and they will walk over to have a look and likely tell you...

  • Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project

    Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project — a clean energy power generation project in the east channel of the East River, New York City.

    The vendor is Verdant Power of Manhattan.

  • Empowering Technology for 2021 Adventures

    Spring weather will be here in NYC in coming weeks and the general mood seems to be improving. Time for new adventures.
  • Improving Work from Home via Technology and Process

    People seem open to trying new changes to their lifestyle. A friend's adult daughter insists that the entire family walk four miles together each day. Indeed, technology can facilitate more family time scheduled together, even if the time together is an online meeting.
  • Launching a Shopify website for True Blade

    On a snowy February day in NYC, it began to sink in how important it is for everyone to commit to improved performance during online meetings while working from home.