Excellence in New Business Cards

Why not get some new business cards?

    1. Offices have closed or become virtual.
    2. Your phone numbers and address might have changed.
    3. You can incorporate a QR Code to make it easy for people to visit your website on their smartphone.
    4. September means back-to-school and the resumption of face-to-face business activity. You'll be more excited to meet new people when you have a great new business card to hand out. 

      Here's my new business card:

      J Robert Burgoyne holding his new business card

      I'd say these business cards are at the 95th percentile of my career:

      • Rounded Corners
      • Heavy Paper
      • Full Color on both sides
      • A smartphone scanable QR Code that immediately takes people to our trueblade.com website
      • Innovative, but still room for future design enhancement

      The reverse side of your business card, per the late-great entrepreneur Ted Nicholas, should be tested headlines for products or services that customers can buy from you.

      I would add that the reverse side of your business card can also include images, business commitments that you faithfully honor, or other ideas or visuals that inspire others to want to do business with you. Take advantage of the availability of full color printing at reasonable cost.

      Our business card vendor is vistaprint.com, where we have had consistent good results over many years. We do not earn referral fees or compensation from this vendor; they earned our voluntary endorsement.