For more than 18 years, True Blade has provided IT and technology services to private sector clients and select non-profits. We operate in New York City and Suburban Washington, DC.

Now, using curated technology products and the provisioning of essential communications services, we offer online visitors the ability to benefit from our work. Our Shopify website platform gives you innovative ways to engage True Blade for your business. Have a look at our Technical Services and Curated Products below or contact us for other needs.


Experience, Commitment, Trust, Ethics

When it comes to choosing an IT and technology partner, longevity, experience, breadth of experience, and unequivocal trust are paramount. 

Both True Blade CEO Robert Burgoyne and Chief Technical Officer Eric Smith have more than 18 years of experience providing successful technology solutions to our clients and for True Blade itself.

We uphold the highest professional ethics and you can confidentially discuss business and personal matters that concern you. From this conversation, we may suggest techniques to reduce your vulnerabilities. 

True Blade's Clients range from startups to large Fortune 500 enterprises. Several of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years.  

Proven Success

True Blade is successful because we are extremely careful in the engineering and planning phases of our projects. We are committed to always doing the best possible work, no exceptions.

Consistent daily execution of critical tasks helps our clients to meet their goals and mission critical operational mandates.

This reduces the daily stress level as many automated tasks happen in the background without user intervention, including extensive compliance related capture and record keeping. We have worked with federal and state regulatory agencies in support of our clients' compliance obligations for many years.

True Blade's technical implementations are "known to work" for years, always with minimal downtime.

We invite you to contact us to see if we can work together.