Cisco Meraki Z3 Security Appliance for Teleworkers, Include PoE Port and Cisco Enterprise License (USA only)

Cisco Meraki Z3 Security Appliance for Teleworkers, Include PoE Port and Cisco Enterprise License (USA only)

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With throughput of up to 100 Mbps and capacity for two users, the Cisco Meraki Z3 Security Appliance for teleworkers is a superior entry level device for WFH users who also interact with a more extensive Cisco Meraki network at your employer or a large institution such as a hospital or university.

A typical Z3 user will be working at home, on a local network that is separate from the rest of their family, with two or more of these devices:

  • Your PC (wired Ethernet)
  • An Apple MacBook or an iPad (Wi-Fi from Z3)
  • VoIP Desktop Phone (wired Ethernet with PoE)
  • Android or iPhone

All your Internet devices can be behind the Z3, or your mobile phone can be designated for recreational non-work activity and kept separate from your work equipment.

By keeping work devices behind the Z3, you enable remote technical support to more quickly identify any technical issues that need addressing.

For busy knowledge professionals working from home, the Z3 creates a sophisticated, advanced WFH network that supports transparent, secure VPN access to your corporate network. 

High bandwidth needs such as online meetings and streaming video are not a problem. Robust analytics from Cisco Meraki provide insight into your network utilization and can be used to proactively improve your network.

A PoE LAN port on the rear can be used to provide power for a VoIP desktop phone. This eliminates the need for a power adapter for your phone, and enables your phone to be remotely rebooted or accessed by technical support staff as needed. 

After a few weeks your Z3 will blend into the background by always working properly and inspiring confidence. The Z3’s sole front panel LED will glow a steady white, and you’ll know that all is well with your WFH network. 

Cisco Meraki Security Appliances come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Hardware failures are rare but when they occur RMAs are promptly issued and replacement hardware is sent overnight, directly from Cisco.

A software license is required for all Cisco Meraki equipment.

This bundled purchase includes the MX67 hardware and your choice of:

    • (3) year Cisco Enterprise Security license
    • (5) year Cisco Enterprise Security license

    Licenses of longer duration have lower cost per year. We anticipate that this device will still be relevant and in daily use even after 5 years.

    Read more about Cisco Meraki licenses.

    Cisco Select PartnerTrue Blade Systems has been an authorized Cisco Meraki reseller for more than five years. We use this same Cisco Meraki equipment in our own residences and at other key sites.

    Your Z3 will be drop-shipped to you directly from our distributor, arriving by FedEx, usually in one week or less.

    Photo courtesy of Cisco. 

    Please reach out if you need additional information.