Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project

We have a few clients and associates involved in the ESG space. I also have this interest.

As engineers we are always interested in advances in technology that help to inspire and guide the next generation. Today we had tugboats, two barges, a giant rotating crane, and a crew of 30 workers onsite. 

The task was to perform a maintenance upgrade to test a new turbine design.

I was told that the new turbine has a different blade design. The existing turbine triangle, detailed below, was pulled out of the water and will have one of its turbines removed and swapped out for the 2021 turbine.

The turbine triangle had been underwater since October 25, 2020 when I last saw the barge and crane.

Barge with the triangle turbine and new turbine


Below is is a wide angle photo of the RITE Project site, providing the context of its location in the East Channel of the East River.

Looking northeast, the white roof of Costco Astoria, New York is at upper left, next to the river. RFK Bridge is at far left, on the horizon.