Improving Work from Home via Technology and Process

If the Covid restrictions caused your work and life schedule to become unsatisfactory, consider spending time to more closely schedule your work, life, and family tasks.

Find joy from doing some of the pre-Covid period activities that bring you happiness and serenity. Indulge yourself with positive energy. Schedule uplifting events such as outdoor exercise in your online calendar.

If you're the most tech savvy person in your family, check in with other family members to make sure that nobody is frustrated by slow or irregular Internet access. Offer to help with better room lighting, different furniture, etc.

Tonight was the first opportunity in almost a year to have access to the fitness center in our building. This is a positive development because we all must resume regular exercise. 

We can also use some new aspirational ideas and projects, to keep us motivated and to give us something to look forward to in coming weeks and months. Is there something you have wanted to do but never started? Why not start now?

With all the changes of the past year, people seem open to trying healthy changes in their lifestyle. I'm all for that.

A friend's adult daughter insists that their entire family walk four miles together each day. That's aspirational for me and I'm glad to hear family developments like this.

Perhaps we can adapt work to a more contemplative, slower but higher-impact pace. Now that this "work from home feeling" has been around long enough, the frenzied work pace of prior years may become history.

By creating shared, scheduled family activities, technology acts as a silent partner for keeping everyone on time. Later your family can reshare the experience with others via chat or social media.

Apple Watch is a breakthrough tool for deep learning of how our bodies operate, day to day, and over the months and years. Reminders to move, to exercise, to go to bed - let these resources guide you toward a more healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, now is an excellent period in history to strike out on new creative ambitions, and the combination of a positive lifestyle and new creative ambitions is unbeatable. For myself, I have a recurring monthly task to:

Use Tech in 2021 to Create Beauty

Let us know in the comments below what you're doing to improve your family's WFH via technology and process. And if you catch a great sunrise, give us a shout.

Image of a winter sunrise over Queens, New York
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