Empowering Technology for 2021 Adventures

Spring weather will be here in NYC in coming weeks and the general mood seems to be improving. Restaurants and stalwart diners have reopened. The days are longer and the sunshine is bright. Time for new adventures.

For myself, I am reclaiming my exercise routine and trying to schedule small nearby adventures that I can do in a few hours and get home by afternoon. Fridays in NYC offer a lot of interesting choices, and the early morning hours are special.

With tech so integral to our on the go pre-Covid lives, which technologies today should I always bring with me to meet my professional responsibilities, while also contributing to my leisure and creative time?

What tradeoffs am I willing to make in terms of size, weight, and battery life if I'm out on foot or bicycle? If I'm out in the city and I receive a phone call, how do I insure that the audio is as clear as possible?

Image of Manhattan Bridge on the East River with skyscrapers in the background

Manhattan Bridge and Lower East Side Skyscrapers bathed in 6:47am sunlight

In the next blog entry, you'll see that this March 5, 2021 outing required quite a lot of heavy tech gear.