Launching a Shopify website for True Blade

For a number of years, I have been enamored with Shopify's tools for helping businesses to sell products and services online. On a snowy February day in NYC, I decided to push ahead.

Several of our commercial clients have closed their Manhattan offices and all of us moved our businesses to our homes. That was a lot of work in December, 2020, but it's behind us now and things are working smoothly. Office based resources were moved to the cloud and home offices were refitted with new equipment and furniture. We established a baseline for being able to achieve excellence in online meetings and we have attempted to raise all of our key clients and friends to this standard.

With True Blade's new Shopify website, we are able to more broadly offer Cisco hardware and Cisco Webex services that we use to achieve excellent online meetings.

True Blade has years of experience with WFH and we're happy to share our findings. We decided to move our website to the Shopify platform, with a focus on helping people working from home to obtain the information and resources required to elevate the quality of their online meetings.

If you are interested in upgrading your own WFH online meeting capabilities, have a look at our WFH Performance Improvement Analysis.