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How To Produce Blu Ray Discs On A Standard DVD +R Drive

by J. Robert Burgoyne — last modified Aug 08, 2010 06:40 PM

Shorter length DIY videos can be successfully burned to DVD +R media, at Blu Ray levels of resolution (1920x1080), using a standard DVD +R drive. This article explains how I was able to do it.

I use the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium Edition software products to produce videos. My video camera is a Canon Vixia HFS100 and I incorporate various digital media from other vendors into my videos. This is how I was able to burn a Blu Ray Disc on my DVD +R drive. 

  1. In Premiere Pro, make your workspace 1920x1080 and create your video. 
  2. Export Your Project as a .f4v file, 1920x1080. I used a target VBR of 35Mbps. FYI, that is a lot of data. The length of my video was 3:05.  
  3. The Adobe Media Encoder will then produce your .f4v file. 
  4. In Adobe Encore, create a new project using the .f4v file you just created. 
  5. In Encore, render to a Blu Ray .iso file. This process crashed my Adobe Encore repeatedly, so I finally rebooted and without any other programs running, Encore was able to complete the job. The resultant .iso file was 591MB. That means the effective data rate is > 3MB/s. That is a lot of data - and that's why Blu Ray is worthy. 
  6. Using CDBurnerXP, a free program that can burn optical media from .iso files, I burned the .iso file to a DVD +R disc.
  7. The resultant disc plays correctly in my LG BD550 Blu Ray player. For some reason there is a green screen pause at the start of my video that lasts about 2 seconds. More experimentation is needed to see what's causing the problem. Otherwise the video quality is outstanding - very impressive. 
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