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Chunlai Yang, Ph.D., Arrested by the FBI

by J. Robert Burgoyne — last modified Jul 09, 2011 01:45 PM

Chunlai Yang, Ph.D., (杨春来) a Naturalized US Citizen, was recently arrested by the FBI for Theft of Trade Secrets from his employer since 2000, the CME Group in Chicago.


From the FBI Press Release: "They discovered that thousands of files had been downloaded to his computer, and some were then copied to removable storage devices, such as thumb drives." 

The CME Group is the largest futures exchange in this country and a key part of the world's financial infrastructure. Chunlai Yang's profile is on LinkedIn where he is listed as a "Sr. System Analyst at CME". Here's one article in Chinese that appears to be about him:

杨春来: 海外侨胞要落地生根 积极融入主流社会

Some of you may remember that in April, 2009 I discussed the case of Yan Zhu, Ph.D., then age 31, of Lodi, NJ -- also known as "Westerly Zhu" -- who was arrested on charges of theft of trade secrets (software). The follow up is that Dr. Zhu was convicted in Federal Court in Trenton of seven counts of wire fraud in April, 2011: 

What I wrote in a followup post is still true: "The FBI is extremely thorough in these kinds of cases and as I pointed out, they probably have the resources of the NSA backing them up with reports of Internet traffic in this particular case. 

The FBI is just like anyone else - they want their credibility to be maintained and respected."  

These are serious matters for anyone involved in IT, and worth discussing, even if you just want to vent your anger toward me. 


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