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How To Properly Implement Pop-Up (Interstitial) Webpages in Plone

by J. Robert Burgoyne — last modified Jan 06, 2010 06:00 PM
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True Blade Systems is the founder of the Plone New York City Users group. We meet monthly to discuss and present on topics of interest to the Plone community.


The January, 2010 meetup will be about implementing interstitial web pages in Plone.

Interstitial web pages are web pages that display prior to anticipated content. Common usages are:

* Agreement to a Website's Terms of Service
* Disclaimers
* Advertisements or Special Offers or Information
* Capturing User Information

In addition, website login pages and introductory pages which precede and explain subsequent content are other suitable uses for interstitial web pages.

At the January, 2010 PloneNYC meetup, Eric V. Smith and J. Robert Burgoyne will explain the path we chose for implementing interstitial pages in Plone using jquery. jquery is the de facto javascript library for AJAX applications and according to Eric Smith: "I think it's worth spending a few hours with it [jquery]."

For a terrific example of an interstitial web page that uses jquery, see this website:

We plan to host the meeting in our office in the Graybar Building and we will also deliver the presentation online via WebEx, for those who cannot attend but would still like to learn the information.

If you will attend in person, please RSVP now.

If you plan to attend via WebEx, please Contact Us and let us know you need the WebEx credentials for the meeting. Online attendance is limited to 20 participants.

Read more about interstitial webpages on Wikipedia:

2010-01-20 — Here's a link to Eric Smith's presentation.


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