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May 14, 2009

Internet Connectivity from Taiwan to the USA circa 2009 - Excellent!

by J. Robert Burgoyne — last modified May 15, 2009 04:25 AM
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I've been visiting Taiwan since 1990 and the Internet here keeps getting better each year. Below are some notes on my experiences.

Photo of Longshan Temple, one of the oldest temples in Taipei, 300px x 450px.

Internet connectivity in Taiwan for residential users is available from the Cable TV company or via DSL, similar to the USA.

The residence where I'm staying uses a DSL vendor known as KBT or KB Telecom. KBT enforces PPPoE, but the Linksys WRT-54G router I installed handles the chore of establishing and maintaining the PPPoE connection.

The monthly service cost is NT$393 for the ADSL fee from + NT$279 for the ISP, So the total monthly service cost is NT$672 with a one year commitment. At today's exchange rate of US$1 = NT$32.864 the monthly cost is $20.45, including all taxes. The service is rated at 2Mbps down and 256 Kbps up. Such a deal!

The service is reliable and the Internet speeds are excellent. I'm getting 1,362 Kbps down and 207 Kbps up to Speakeasy's Seattle, Washington servers. Here's a comparison of the measured bandwidth from various ISPs.

I'm having no problem getting work done with our company's IMAP server & Plone webservers in New York and Virginia.

Google Service Outage on May 14, 2009

by J. Robert Burgoyne — last modified May 15, 2009 04:37 AM
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Users of Google services experienced slow service or interruptions in service on May 14, 2009. Here's what happened and what users should know.


Yesterday, Google suffered an outage that affected people using Google Calendar and Google Mail. The services were either unavailable or extremely slow.

In the past year, True Blade has become a big fan of Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Google Mail. They've become critical to how we do our work and we highly recommend each of the services to our clients.

So when any of these services go down, we know first-hand that it's painful, and we understand that users are concerned.

It's especially frustrating that with technology problems the time required to restore service is often unknown. Nonetheless, we remain confident that Google aspires to high standards and that data saved on Google servers will always be safe, if not always available at every moment of the day or night.

More information about the Google Service Outage of May 14, 2009:

Official Google Blog 

NY Times Blog Entry on the Google Service Outage