for Businesses and Non-Profits

True Blade has had good success using for our internal needs. We've also successfully implemented Salesforce for several clients and recommend its use to most businesses and non-profits.

Salesforce screen captureTrue Blade is a strong proponent of More than 63,000 businesses and organizations use to:

  • Gain greater internal control, by tracking each employee's activities with clients and prospects
  • Provide better, more consistent service by providing an automated self-service portal where clients can help themselves or submit questions, and
  • Generate more money by keeping track of all of your important business opportunities and leads in one place
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True Blade uses ourselves and we recommend it for most of our clients.

True Blade began using in August, 2007 and we've been enthusiastic advocates ever since.

Although True Blade generally prefers open-source solutions, is so overwhelmingly good, and the platform is so well thought out, we recommend to most of our clients that they use as well.

For True Blade, enables us to keep all important client and vendor data in a single location that's accessible to our staff no matter where we are.

These are the features and benefits of that True Blade has found most useful; however there are many additional capabilities.

To find out whether can help you, we invite you to contact True Blade for more information.