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Remote Access with a Managed VPN

VPN=Virtual Private Network. Confidently, securely access your office files and resources when you're away or working from home. No per-user licensing limits. Reliable and easy-to-use.

True Blade’s servers provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities for employees and partners who need to access files and resources in the office while working from home or on the road.

With True Blade's Managed VPN service, there are no licensing restrictions regarding how many users can access the VPN simultaneously. The only limit is your available Internet bandwidth, and if your office is in Manhattan, we may be able to get you much more bandwidth than you have now.

vpn-setup.jpgVPN connections are established from Windows computers by creating a secure connection from the Control Panel, Network Connections, Virtual Private Network feature.

This creates a PPTP link from your Windows computer to our server. Once the connection is established you may login and use file and other services just as if you were working inside your office.

All interaction between the remote computer and your office is safely and securely encrypted. We are ready to support you 24x7. Fill out the form at upper right for more information about how a True Blade VPN can help your organization.

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