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Data Recovery Services in New York City

True Blade can help you retrieve your "lost" data. We're located in Manhattan near Grand Central Terminal.

Have you lost important data on a PC, Mac, Smart Phone or PDA?

We have experience retrieving data from a variety of computer devices.

Please call us at (212) 542-3144 to see if we can be of assistance.

Here are some of the urgent situations we've remedied:

Case Study 1 - Dell Latitude D410 Laptop: Dead from Coffee Spill

A client spilled coffee on the keyboard and touchpad of their Dell Latitude D410 Notebook PC. The PC no longer worked. The client uses this lightweight and small notebook PC on their daily commute on Metro North from Grand Central to Connecticut and couldn't afford much downtime.


True Blade disassembled the notebook and dried everything out. When the computer was sufficiently dry it was rebooted. However it was apparent that the keyboard and touchpad had been damaged. Replacement parts were ordered from Dell. The replacement parts were installed and after a few initial problems, the notebook begin working properly once again. No data was lost. Turnaround time was about one week and the computer is still being used.

Case Study 2 - Dead Palm Treo 680

A long-time Palm user in New York City came to us with a Palm Treo 680 whose screen was dead. The Treo had been dropped and the screen was damaged, displaying only random lines and no text. Inside the Treo were 1,650 names and phone numbers as well as numerous calendar appointments. The user went to the AT&T store to replace the phone with a Palm Centro. The AT&T staff were unable to retrieve any of the data from the broken Treo 680.

True Blade carefully nurtured the data out of the Treo 680 and retrieved the 1,650 names and phone numbers. Unfortunately the calendar appointments were damaged and couldn't be saved. The salvaged names and phone numbers were successfully transferred to the new Palm Centro. Turnaround time was a weekend.

Case Study 3 - Dead iMac

A famous author in Manhattan came to us with an older iMac whose screen had gone dark. Although the iMac appeared otherwise OK, this person was unable to retrieve any of the data from the hard drive. Apple said the main system board (motherboard) needed to be replaced and the cost would be ~$700. The turnaround time would have been 10 days.

True Blade removed the hard drive from the older iMac, put it in an external enclosure, connected the hard drive to another Mac, and retrieved all the data. The client purchased a new iMac and the data was successfully transferred to the new iMac. Turnaround time was less than 2 days.

Case Study 4 - Lost Digital Cam Images

Important digital pictures from a CF Card in a Canon EOS Rebel were accidentally deleted. The images were urgently needed for a presentation.

True Blade located a clever software utility that enabled some of the deleted images to be fully restored. Not all images were restored as some had been corrupted in the deletion process, but the client was satisfied and told us: "I'm grateful for anything I can get". Turnaround time was overnight.

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