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Fast, Unlimited, IMAP Business Email


Which of these do you need?

  • No limits on the number of users
  • No per-user licensing fees
  • No limits on sent or received email, and
  • No limits on email attachments
  • Full archiving capabilities to meet regulatory and compliance obligations
  • Experienced professionals to help with email audits
  • Flexibility: Put the server in your office or we'll host it for you

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Open Standards = Better Service

Our email systems are based on open standards. We use Postfix , IMAP, and SMTP, supporting nearly all email clients such as: Outlook, Thunderbird, BlackBerry, etc. and full access to all your email via webmail.

You don't need to backup your email because it's all done on our server.

We can also help you meet regulatory obligations for email archiving, and we can help you comform with internal email retention or deletion policies.

No More Spam

True Blade uses Postini's anti-spam service for our clients and ourselves to reduce spam to almost zero.

Email Archiving Challenge

Many businesses are subject to rules or internal requirements to record and archive all company email. All incoming, outgoing, and intra-office email must be recorded and archived, often for 5 years or longer.

True Blade has studied these requirements, consulted with industry experts, and developed a reliable managed email solution that helps you meet your obligations.

Outstanding Service

We provide all hardware and software for your email system. We fully maintain your email system at all times and are 100% responsible and accountable for its successful operation. We can install and maintain your email system at your business, or we can host and fully manage it from our facilities.


Regulatory Compliance - How It's Done

True Blade's email server automatically captures all incoming, outgoing, and intra-office email, recording all messages in a single email-history box.

This email-history box:

  1. Contains all your company's email messages.
  2. Can be quickly searched.
  3. Is accessible only by authorized personnel.
  4. Provides you with a permanent email record / audit trail.
  5. Can be used to provide auditors a "snapshot" of all your email covering only the period of time requested by auditors.
  6. Can be made available for use by auditors from their own office, removing the need for auditors to be in your office while reviewing your company's email.
  7. Stores email read-only, permitting review but not deletion of emails.
  8. Records all email as soon as it arrives.
  9. Prevents intentional or accidental intra-day deletion of email.
  10. Permits management or compliance staff to review all email at any time, or do keyword searches to find specific emails quickly.
  11. Provides you with business-class email with full archiving capabilities, without excessive costs or proprietary hardware.

True Blade takes great pride in making sure your email works reliably, delivering and receiving all your company email 24x7.

We pledge to exceed your expectations for quality, service, and value.

For more information fill out the form at top right or call us: 212-542-3144

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