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Your Technical Talent Just Quit - What do you do?

There has always been high turnover among IT staff for all the years we've been a part of this business. Question: How will the loss of a key computer staff person affect your business?

revolving doorway with man leavingMinimizing disruptions and risks when full time IT staff quit is a constant threat and worry for many businesses.

Many businesses discover too late just how dependent they have become on a single employee to maintain critical systems in good working order.

Often the person who designed your systems and maintained them, especially your servers and mission-critical applications, has unique knowledge that is not written down anywhere. When this employee quits, the knowledge goes out the door, and you must quickly respond.

True Blade can help eliminate this risk.

We won't go away unless you tell us to go. We enjoy this business more than anything else we've done with computers, so you can count on us to be around.

Let's look at why your full-time IT staff might quit:

  • An employee might be looking for more money.

  • An employee might have personality or other conflicts in your office.

  • An employee might be looking for better career development.

When you hire True Blade to manage your computers and IT you eliminate those headaches.

We don't have an ego to deal with, just proven processes. This is what we specialize in doing and we'd like to have the opportunity to help your business too. Why not contact us today?

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