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VoSKY Call Center Troubleshooting

The VoSKY Call Center (VCC) is a small hardware device that integrates a normal analog telephone and Skype. When the VCC is connected to your computer, a telephone line, and a telephone, you can make and receive Skype calls using your telephone. No other special equipment is required, and the VoSKY doesn't require separate electrical power - it draws current from its USB connection.

VoSKY Call Center Front View PhotoThe VoSKY Call Center (VCC) is an ambitious device that makes it much easier for normal people to use Skype.

With the VCC you won't need to use a PC headset or microphone to make or receive Skype calls. You just use your regular telephone.

However, I encountered numerous problems when I tried to set up my VCC.

All the errors were resolved with these two actions:

  1. I upgraded the VCC software to version From that link you can also download the latest version of the VCC User Manual in PDF format.
  2. I stopped Skype from starting when Windows started. Apparently the VCC software wants to start first, then it will launch Skype on its own. If Skype launches first, before the VCC software loads, the VCC won't work properly. Figuring this out was the breakthrough that made everything work properly.

Skype-Options-No-Auto-Start.jpgTo stop Skype from starting when Windows starts, in Skype select:

        Tools, Options, Advanced

and a dialog box similar to the one at right will open. Uncheck (clear) the checkbox that says: Start Skype when I start Windows. Then press the Save button at lower right to save the changes.

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