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Resizing an LVM partition

Steps needed to resize an LVM (logical volume manager) partition.


Detailed steps are given in:


This can be done in multi-user mode, if the processes that are using the partition to be resized can be stopped.  That's certainly true for /var, /home, and the like.

Before unmounting, lsof will tell you which processes are using which directories and files.  All of those processes need to be stopped.

Before unmounting a partition, any sub-partitions must be unmounted.  In particular, /var/spool (if it exists) must be unmounted before /var can be unmounted.

resize2fs sizes must be specified in 4K blocks.  LVM commands can use arbitrary sizes, but 1K blocks is probably most convenient.

pvs is handy for seeing how much free space is left on the physical volumes.

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