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Producing a DVD with More Than 15,000 Files Using Windows

I needed to produce a DVD with many files (more than 15,000). Windows Vista's DVD burning program was unable to do the job. Here's how I got the work done.


A client needed us to produce a DVD ROM with a large number of small files. In total there are ~16,000 files, ~3.3GB.

The files exist as individual files on our Linux server and the Linux server manages them just fine. But burning a DVD ROM under Windows proved to be a challenge.

First I copied the files to a suitable location on a network file share to begin the process. I thought I would simply burn a DVD using Windows Vista's built-in tools.

But the Windows Vista DVD writing tool complained that the cumulative file size was too large. However the cumulative total size of the files was only ~3.3GB, well under the ~4.7GB size limit for a DVD+R DVD ROM. So I thought I would split the files into two parts and burn two separate DVDs. That didn't work as Vista aborted the process early, before finishing.

The last option, which worked, was to use CDBurnerXP, a freeware program that I had installed on my old Windows XP PC. That worked perfectly. All the files fit onto a single DVD, as they should. Burning the DVD ROM took just 13 minutes, compared to the hour or more I spent unsuccessfully trying to get the job done under Windows Vista.

I don't know if this problem has been fixed in Windows 7. If anyone has an answer, please contact me to let me know.

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