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Microsoft Access Error 3163 with Union Queries

This article contains the solution to this problem: When trying to use the SQL Statement 'Union' to combine the results of two different queries, I got an error that says: "The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data." In my case I was trying to query SugarCRM tables for Notes and Emails and combine those results into a single query.



The Problem: Combining Two Microsoft Access Queries into a Single Query using the SQL Statement 'UNION' results in Microsoft Access Error 3163


My original query which produced error 3163 looked like this:


SELECT [emails-for-accounts-query].*
FROM [emails-for-accounts-query];
SELECT  [notes-for-accounts-query].*
FROM [notes-for-accounts-query];



where the two queries in the above statement are as follows:


SELECT AS account_name, emails.date_entered, AS subject, emails.description AS [note]
FROM accounts INNER JOIN emails ON
ORDER BY, emails.date_entered;




SELECT AS account_name, notes.date_entered, AS subject, notes.description AS [note]
FROM notes INNER JOIN accounts ON notes.parent_id =
ORDER BY, notes.date_entered;

The Solution: Use the SQL Statement 'ALL' and/or 'ORDER BY' on the results

The following query works correctly:

SELECT [emails-for-accounts-query].*
FROM [emails-for-accounts-query];
SELECT  [notes-for-accounts-query].*
FROM [notes-for-accounts-query]
ORDER BY account_name, date_entered;

By using the 'ALL' statement and/or the ORDER BY syntax the error goes away and the correct result is returned.

See also:;en-us;896950&spid=2509&sid=285

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