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I am Robert Burgoyne of True Blade Systems, Inc. located in Manhattan.

We have a second office in the Washington, DC suburbs, headed up by my colleague Eric Smith. We enjoy our work everyday and we have terrific clients who support our creativity and trust our professional judgment. In return, we give them 100% of our best energy and deliver great results.

Daily Actions of a Computer Pro

As computer professionals, we are all dedicated to self-improvement, to becoming more professional, and to helping our colleagues achieve their full potential. The last couple of years have been good for True Blade, despite the recession, so I’d like to offer something in return.

With this recession, each of us needs to do all we can to learn more, to make ourselves useful, and to protect our jobs and income. Our families and others are counting on us and we can’t let them down.

My partner Eric Smith and I have both been successful consultants for 15 years. Eric's a Mac person and I mostly use Windows on my desktop PC. But for the last 6.5 years we've made extensive use of Linux servers and open-source software - so, to give back to the IT community, we would like to teach you what we've learned about how to become a successful, high-achieving computer professional. 

free_stuff_md_wht.gifProven Ways
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We put together a series of free lessons that teach you what we believe are the most important ideas for becoming successful in IT.

We put our heart into this work and we sincerely believe you will benefit from the ideas in our lessons.

In the lessons you will learn:

  • The Right Way to Write Emails to Management and Clients
  • About Your Work Clothing and Personal Appearance, and Their Effect On Your Professional Reputation and Status
  • How and Why You Should Try To Become Indispensable to Your Colleagues and Clients
  • Why Computer Professionals Should Be Both Visible and Invisible, and

As many of our other ideas as you want to learn!


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Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you one day!

Best regards,

J. Robert Burgoyne  


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