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Google Apps for Domains IMAP Mail Login Problem

Sometimes Google Apps for Domains won't let you login with IMAP. This article explains how you fix the problem so your Outlook or Thunderbird can do an IMAP login.

When trying to login with an IMAP connection to your Google Apps for Domains email account, you may encounter this error:

Web Login Required

What Google is telling you is that you need to unlock your account, via your browser, by entering a CAPTCHA. Here's what you must do:

  1. Type the URL below into your browser, replacing with your Google Apps domain.

  2. Enter your Google Apps for Domains User ID, password, and the CAPTCHA displayed by Google.

  3. You should then be able to access your email account via IMAP.

For the details of how to configure your IMAP email client, read Google's Instructions - a list of supported client software programs is included.

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