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Time Warner Cable TV Customer Service

by J. Robert Burgoyne — last modified Jun 23, 2009 10:45 PM

Suggestion to Time Warner Cable TV: Please don't ask your customers to call you back when you make an error. Own the error, be accountable, and create delighted customers.

I had an installation window for Cable TV service in my NYC apartment scheduled for 4pm-6pm today. At 5:55pm nobody had called or come by. 

So I called in to Time Warner Cable customer service on (718) 358-0900.

The first rep I spoke with (Vincent) said nothing could be done and I should call back in 30 minutes. Since I had I spent 15 minutes on hold to receive this advice I was less than delighted. I politely asked the rep to let me speak with a supervisor. I was then placed on hold.

At 32 minutes into the call, a supervisor picked up. After another 6 minutes, I was promised a call back within 30 minutes. Lo and behold, the technician called and said he was running late and would be here in 15 minutes. 

Lesson: Do not tell your customers to call back when you make a mistake. Take accountability and own the problem. The onsite technician did this, the supervisor did this, but the inital rep did not. And yet the initial rep is always our first point of contact as customers or potential customers. 

Question: Why does it take a 38 minute phone call to reach an accountable person?


Update: While setting up the Internet connection, the technician asked to use my laptop. He didn't have his own. 

Question: Time Warner Cable, why do you not provide your installation technicians with a laptop?  

Well, it turns out the installer is a contractor, and neither his company nor Time Warner Cable provide him with a laptop to check the installation. 

Cable TV Internet has been around for at least 10 years, this is New York City, and the installation technician doesn't have a company-provided laptop? Sigh. 

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